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Where Is Outdoor Digital Signage Used

- Mar 17, 2021 -

Outdoor advertising display digital signage is widely used for dynamic roadside advertising billboards.

Outdor LCD display and digital signage are just a part in this field which require the suppliers to do continuous investment and innovation so that audiens' attention can be attracted.

High brightness and waterproof have been the main highlights for outdoor digital signage LCD advertisement display. With the development of various new technology, many different sensors have been built in to the outdoor LCD displays to tell audience the current temperature, the weather, the environment information, etc. With built in camera and touch function, advertisers can provide more attractive interactive experiences. That is why more and more advertisers choose to use outdoor LCD display as their main propaganda method. 

To ensure all this kind outdoor digital signage work with high performance, outdoor digital signage manufacturer needs impressive software and mangement for all the LCD display.

When software and hardware are combined perfectly, where should we place these outdoor advertising digital signage displays? Here Asianda would like to share the projects we have done before for various applications for these outdoor digital signage display.

  1. Bus Station

    Install an outdoor advertising display will make the bus station more dynamic. Combined with special software, the outdoor LCD display could tell people when the bus will come. With built in camera, advertisers can easily know what kind of people are interested in their products. With touch screen, people can easily do some interactive activities to pass the waiting time.

    Outdoor digital signage for bus station

 2. Street Side

     The rhythm of life is becoming more and more faster, people are always on their way for business.    Seldom people will stop to watch ads. Outdoor digital signage display on the street side is gradually becoming more and more popluar. With high brightness and attractive contents displaying on the big screen, drivers or business man can easily catch the main contents posted by advertisers.


3. Airport

   With a giant outdoor LCD advertising screen standing at the entrance of airport, people can easily get the flight information through the contents displayed on the screen.


 With the optimization of the outdoor display and progress of harware, more and more outdoor advertising LCD digital signage display are installed in many different applications. One day in the future, you will see the giant outdoor advertising screen everywhere.

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