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What Are The Advantages Of The Liquid Crystal Advertising Machine Used In Shopping Malls

- Jan 03, 2021 -

LCD advertising machine has many advantages, not only because the function of LCD advertising machine is powerful, but also because the practicality of LCD advertising machine is very strong. LCD advertising machine can support video, audio, text, pictures and other modes of playback, in the LCD advertising machine can be through a variety of mode combination for publicity, can also be directly in the LCD advertising machine split screen playback. During the use of LCD advertising machine, the product's poster rotation and video playback can achieve seamless connection for publicity.

LCD advertising machine to businesses and customers to build an offline entity interaction platform, so that more customers can understand the products of businesses through the LCD advertising machine, to achieve touchable interactive mode. At the same time in order to facilitate the operation of the business, LCD advertising machine provides two functions. One is the LCD advertising machine can achieve timing switch machine management, to ensure that businesses can reduce the time to do LCD advertising machine; Second, in the process of using liquid crystal advertising machine, there may be a need to often replace the main promotion of the product, so in the liquid crystal advertising machine publicity can be operated in the cloud platform provided by Fang Ya manufacturers, that is, the computer can complete the release of promotional videos, pictures and so on.

The advantage of the LCD advertising machine used in the market is still very much, in our understanding of the process can be found very high practicality. In fact, this liquid crystal advertising machine in addition to the use of shopping malls, but also in shopping malls, cinemas, shops, hotels, companies and other occasions for use.