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The Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor LED Displays

- Jan 09, 2021 -

Outdoor LED displays are very different from indoor LED displays. The outdoor screen has the function of preventing (rain) water, preventing direct sunlight, dustproof, preventing high temperature, windproof, and lightning strike. This kind of display is called the pure outdoor display.

And those between indoor LED display and pure outdoor LED display screen, mounted on the roof, open hall, outdoor canopy or sunshine roof inferior strong light environment, using the same as the outdoor screen brightness high brightness LED, at the same time display itself does not prevent (rain) water, wind, lightning protection, this kind of display is called half outdoor display.

The most important difference is the brightness. Indoor screen brightness is several times to dozens of times lower than pure outdoor screen; Putting an indoor screen outside is like putting a TV outside. Therefore, the outdoor screen must use ultra-high brightness LED, and in order to further improve the brightness and increase the visual distance, in a pixel often need to encapsulate several ultra-high brightness LED.

But with the development of indoor LED display, high quality LED display on the basis of waterproof, windproof, lightning protection, but also used to install in the outdoor environment with low environmental brightness.