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LED Display Maintenance Tips

- Jan 07, 2021 -

1.Observation method, observation method and screen naked eye observation, sometimes the circuit can be seen by the eyes, such as PCB line due to scraping, so that the circuit is broken, sometimes the electric drill accidentally break some!

2.Comparison method, comparison method is very important and key, sometimes we can not naked eye see whether the IC is burned out, can be replaced with a good IC, sometimes we do not remember whether the signal is originally linked, we can take a good unit plate to measure the corresponding position is how! Comparison is key!

3.Elimination method, sometimes there are many reasons for a fault, we can deal with one by one, do not remember can see the front of the common fault processing, one by one to eliminate!

4.Resistance detection method, the multimeter is adjusted to the resistance file, to detect a normal circuit board of a certain point to the ground resistance value, and then detect another piece of the same circuit board of the same point test and the normal resistance value is different, if different, to determine the scope of the problem.