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LED Display Good And Bad How To Distinguish

- Jan 14, 2021 -

Light emitting tube view

Luminescence Angle of LED tube refers to the Angle between two observation directions and the normal direction on the same plane when the brightness of the observation direction drops to half of the brightness of the normal direction of LED display. It is divided into horizontal perspective and vertical perspective. The horizontal viewing Angle is 160°, and the vertical viewing Angle is 120°.

Full brightness

Maximum brightness refers to the brightness of each primary color of LED display at the highest gray level and maximum brightness under certain ambient illumination. In short, it is the brightness measured in the normal direction with a light gun when the display is set to white level 255 using software.

For outdoor LED display according to the use of the environment, there will be different requirements for the maximum brightness, because in the environment of strong light occasions, the brightness of the LED display is required to be higher, in order to let the public see clearly the content displayed on the screen. Under normal circumstances, the maximum brightness of the display screen is lower, as long as it reaches 4000CD/m2 can meet the requirements, and the display screen is required to reach 7000CD/m2, east and west and south of the requirements are the same, because there will be a part of the time sunlight will be directly illuminated to the LED display. Theoretically, brightness requirements greater than 5500CD square meters are sufficient.