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LED Display Common Technical Terms

- Jan 16, 2021 -

Resolution: The number of rows and rows of LED display pixels is called the resolution of LED display. Resolution is the total number of pixels in a display, which determines the information capacity of a display.

Grayscale: grayscale is to point to the degree of change of light and shade of pixel light, the grayscale of a kind of base color has 8 grade to 12 grade generally. For example, if the grayscale of each primary color is 256 levels, the display color of the dual-primary color screen is 256×256=64K color, which is also called the screen as a 256 color display.

Dual primary color: most of today's color LED displays are dual primary color screens, that is, each pixel has two LED cores: one is red core, the other is green core. When the red core is on, the pixel is red, when the green core is on, the pixel is green, and when the red and green cores are on at the same time, the pixel is yellow. Red and green are called primary colors

Full color: red and green double primary colors plus blue primary colors, three primary colors constitute full color. Due to the composition of full color blue tube and pure green tube core technology is now mature, so the market is basically full color.

SMT and SMD: SMT is Surface Mounted Technology (Surface Mounted Technology), is the most popular Technology and process in the electronic assembly industry at present; SMD is Surface Mounted Device (Surface Mounted Device).