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Features And Functions Of Indoor Full-color LED Display

- Jan 06, 2021 -

The advantages of indoor full-color LED display are mainly reflected in the fact that its display effect will not appear particulate matter and Mosaic phenomenon compared with other media products, and the color saturation is relatively high, and the color display is more symmetrical. After lighting the screen clear and natural, no flicker display, screen display effect is good. And, the most important point is that the indoor full-color LED display is fully automated, which can not only implement single light maintenance, but also effectively extend the life of the display, indoor full-color LED display is cost-effective. Bright color LED display screen has been applied to all aspects of social life because of its high quality and high cost performance.

Now, the indoor full-color LED display has the function of information release, which can choose a variety of styles and flexibly control the font size. Its network function can also carry out real-time control while broadcasting network information, and timely adjust according to the needs of customers. The rich playback mode makes the indoor full color LED display the best choice for stage performance. The LED display mainly supports clear and flicker-free video image playback and camera function. This can realize a variety of live programs, video images can also be compressed and controlled, but also can play a variety of formats of files, with a variety of display modes.

High quality LED display special chip design, with high brightness, large Angle, anti-purple line, anti-static characteristics, effectively improve the stability and reliability of the display.