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8 Inch Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal For Reopening

- Mar 12, 2021 -

As we all know, it is still important to wear mask in the public and keep the patient with corona virus at a distance to protect yourself safety. The patient with corona virus always show higher body temperature than usual. In addition, it is necessary to clean your hands with hand sanitizer before you touch your mouth or eat foods. The device YXD-F8 8 inch face recognition temperature measurement terminal can support face recognition, body temperature detection, access control and mask detection. It can also dispense hand sanitizer to clean hands automatically through assembling the kiosk with 1000ml/1200ml automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, no need water.

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Non-contact body temperature and facial recognition scanner kiosk can be used in many public places, such as schools, offices, shopping malls, hospitals and so on. The device is very useful for the business owners who are now concerned about who enters their facilities, not letting sick people in.

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YXD-F8 8 inch face recognition thermometer uses AI technology with deep learning to combine facial recognition and thermal detection to detect persons who have high temperatures as well as those violating requirements to wear masks. You can even do ID cards as well. You actually have the ability to connect with the receptionist to open the door for you now using a variety of access control interfaces. This will also allow you to open any kind of automatic door or gate. And you can set requirements for entry in the device, such as normal temperature below the setting number and wearing mask. If not approved, the device will give a alarm and send you the email for higher temperature detection situation which you sent email address before. It will also show time attendance in the MIPS dashboard software which you can check the scanning data and manage the device.You can also download the scanning data in xlsx from the dashboard.



About the structure of the face recognition temperature detection kiosk, it has 8 inch IPS LCD screen. You can see the above temperature sensor with Melaix or Heimann thermal imaging probe, which is the infrared thermal for imaging temperature detection. Below are two million pixels cameras. There are many optional installations for the facial recognition temperature scanning device, wall mounting, desktop standing and floor standing. You can choose the suitable installation method according to the environment and clients’ needs. We can also assemble it with auto 1200ml hand sanitizer dispenser for the visitors to clean their hands before entry. You know, it is very important to protect yourself well from virus with cleaning hands. In addition, we can also assemble the device with 4G module and QR code scanner. The newest MIPS software has questionnaire function and you can set 10 questions at the dashboard to get more info about the visitors. There are two modes for the questionnaire, screen questionnaire and scan code questionnaire.


Regarding the hardware setting, it will need a USB mouse to manage the face recognition temperature scanning device. The original password is 123456. You need to connect the device with WIFI first. Then you can enter the computer ID address which showed out when clicking the software. This will make your computer connected with the temperature scanner kiosk. And you can check the scanning data through the software with computer and also manage the device. Let’s get one important point. Because of some regulations in different countries, such as USA. The device owner need consent to capture the visitor’s image info. Don’t worry about it. We can set stranger mode and stranger record off. Then the device won’t store the visitor’s image but keep temperature scanning and mask detection. You can also set the temperature number which will give a alarm when the body temperature number is higher than the setting number. In addition, you can turn off mask detection and body temperature detection as well. Except these regular function, we also offer customization service for the device and software. For example, we also have 10 inch size face recognition temperature scanner kiosk. We also have options like touch screen, customized power on logo and stand-by logo, Microphone and HDMI out.

Temperature Scanner Kiosk Installation

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